Pebbles and Pints Info Dump!

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We’re riding this weekend!

Here’s a few things about the race:

First, Routes:
60 mile –
Starts at 8:00 AM Saturday
will start at 7:00 AM

30 mile –
Starts at 10:00 AM Saturday
Sign in will also start at 7:00 AM

Location: We’ve attached a map with the start finish marked with a red X. On Middle Road, just North of 80. We have parking for a pretty solid number, and if we do happen to fill it up, I can’t imagine that we can’t stash a few cars at the Bett-Plex. We’re going to have a sign-in so that we make sure that everyone who goes out makes it back in. There will be NO on-course support, so be prepared.

Pebbles start

If you do have to leave the course for any reason and don’t make it back to the start/finish, please call 563-265-1025 and let us know. We do plan to sweep the course if not everyone has arrived back at the finish by 2. That means a 7.5 mph average for the 30 miler and 10mph for the 60. We feel that those numbers are pretty reasonable.

Our goal is to have everyone in by 2:00 and then anyone who wants to join us can head to the shop/Crawford to hang out. We’re also going to have a grill available at the start/finish so you can grill something if you so choose. Crawford Brew Works is donating a whole pile of crowlers to us, so there will be some post-race beverages.

About the routes: The gravel is interesting. Yesterday it was pretty soft, but should all be rideable. Weather could make things interesting. We can all see the same forecast, so be prepared. See you on Saturday!


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