Grinding out the last gravel ride

According to the Beaufort Wind Scale, a moderate gale force wind is 32-38 mph. Last night, our gravel crew gave Mother Nature the finger. With sustained winds out of the northwest at 25 mph, gusting to 37, the final “official” Thursday night gravel ride was gutted out by a larger-than-normal, jovial crew.

Those smiles, though? Yeah. They didn’t last long. (Except for Dan, who hooted and hollered at all the suffering.)

Heading north toward the gravels between Bettendorf, Davenport and Eldridge, we immediately lost our lone fat biker who at Mile 2 sensibly opted out and turned around, returning to their vehicle. The remaining 13 attempted to remain together, but that wily wind quickly dismissed the “group effort.” It was every man for him (or her) self. Reassembling at every stop sign, the riders at the front pushed a solid pace while those in the back hung on in silence, their mashing summoning the gods for the strength to endure.

Though the wind failed to thwart the riders, the lure of Van’s $5 personal pan pizzas and giant slices nearly got ’em. Fortunately everyone was able to put on their beer jacket and ride home after 26 oz. $3 drafts.

This is the only evidence that remains. (Well, this and some Strava achievements. (Mostly Jen stealing KOM’s with that tailwind.))

vans group shot


Fatties at Five part Deux

Just like a rainy afternoon in France, Fatties at Five part Deux was a misty, cold ride made cheery by the hearty group of fat tire enthusiasts who ignored the chill and chose a few hours of outdoor, fattie fun over the warmth of a blanket and the couch!

fattie group shot

Our second time leading a fat bike “parade” of sorts, we enjoyed a mix of seasoned fat bike riders, relative newbies and one first-timer who demo’ed the shop’s Salsa Blackborow. Though no candy was thrown, we did meet a couple individuals on the bike path who appeared amused by the thrumming of our approaching tires and hearty “Hellos!”

fattie parade

Repeating last year’s ride to The Bike Rack on the corner of Brady and George Washington, riders dried off and drank up, sharing vacation stories, recent bike race experiences, upcoming work on Silvan Island and dreaming of the upcoming stomp season on Credit Island. Sadly, we were unable to convince our fearless leader to regale us with song.

Like all good things, we eventually packed up and rode out, racing back to the shop in the dark, our bike lights illuminating the way. While everyone was happy to have gotten out, I think we can all agree — the 2018 Fatties at Five needs to come sooner!!!

fatties at bar

Stayed tuned for future fat tire events include QC Forc’s Global Fat Bike Day!

Your fat bike is waiting . . .

Think fat bikes are just for snow? You’d never know if judging by the number leaving our store during this week of sweltering heat! We have a ton of fat inventory waiting for you to check out!

Specialized Fatboy SE

We presently have a full size run (small-XL) in gloss black with orange detailing, and a medium and xl in matte oak green with black and red detailing. The Fatboy SE is $1,400 and features a full aluminum body, one-by 10-speed SRAM drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes.

Specialized Fatboy

In addition to the SE, the full Fatboy offers an aluminum body, but with a FACT carbon fork and a SRAM NX one-by groupset and hydraulic disc brakes. We have medium-XL in several color options at $1,800.

Check out our boy Drake on his new Fatboy SE in rocket red and acid mint, tricked out with a Chromag Fubars FU40 hi-rise handlebar in polished silver and mint grips.

Specialized Fatboy Comp Carbon

This full FACT carbon fatbike at $2,800 is lightweight yet stiff and compliant with internal cable routing, a one-by SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain and SRAM Level TL hydraulic disc brakes. We currently have a large in matte black, but XL is no longer available through us or Specialized. Full sizes are available in the gloss hyper (hi-vis yellow) and black.

Salsa Beargrease

Whether it’s single track in the summer or snowy racing in the winter, the Salsa Beargrease is a carbon fattie made for speed and nimble manuevering with a light, full carbon body, a SRAM NX one-by eleven groupset, mechanical disc brakes and slightly narrower 3.8″ tires.  We have a small, large and XL priced at $1,999.

The red Beargrease features blue detailing and a fetching galaxy image on the downside of the downtube.

Salsa Mukluk NX1

The Salsa Mukluk is a popular fattie for all conditions, all terrains and all purposes! At $1,799 you get an aluminum body, carbon fork, SRAM NX one-by groupset and hydraulic disc brakes. We have a full size run, small-XL, in teal with black detailing. We have mediums and larges in the black with teal lettering model.

Salsa Mukluk Carbon GX1

Like the Mukluk base model, the Carbon GX1 continues its spirit of versatility while shaving weight. We have a small and medium in dark red/red at $2699.

Salsa Mukluk Carbon SLX

As with the GX1, the Carbon SLX offers the same fun, but with a one-by 11 Shimano SLX drivetrain and SRAM Level TL hydraulic disc brakes in matte black and gunmetal grey for $2699.

Salsa Bucksaw Carbon

Finally we have the full-suspension carbon Bucksaw in a large and medium at $4,399 in a glossy cherry red.

Our mtb jerseys are in!

Our mountain bike jerseys have arrived and they’re sick! Featuring Healthy Habits custom graphics, these tops mix style with the technical specs of the Specialized Enduro and Andora, mens and womens jerseys. These threads are good and good for you! Retailing for $55, with a limited stock, come in today & grab yours!!!